Meadows Mill


Why mill our own flour when an established American industry has control of this commodity and makes it available globally for an absurdly low cost?

At Roan Mills we are looking for flour with flavor, we are looking for flour with all the natural nutrients intact and we are looking for flour with freshness. In the Roan Mills test kitchen we have been working with freshly milled flour for several years now. From the first we observed that our bread was noticeably improved when we switched to using flour that was milled to order. Wheat berries are extremely nutritious offering a nearly perfect nutritional package of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. The nutrition in the wheat berry is 100% present in our freshly milled, whole grain flour and is also equally present in our whole grain breads. And while a wheat berry can last for centuries in viable condition once it’s milled into flour the oxidation processes begin to erode the overall quality and within 6 months the flour will have lost some of its vitality. We mill flour every day and all the flavor, vitality and freshness is captured in every loaf we bake. We also make our various flours, cracked cereals and fresh milled polenta available in retail sizes for serious home cooks and bakers.