Bachelor Toast

Bachelor Toast

A freshly baked loaf can be stored on the kitchen counter in its paper bag for several days. Wrapping that bag with a kitchen towel to slow down moisture loss is also helpful. Avoid using plastic wrap as it traps the moisture, encouraging mold spores and ruining the crisp crust.

A good bread knife is a must have item when living with real bread.


Serves as needed

  • 1 loaf dry Roan Mills bread
  • Water to moisten slice


Prep: 1 min • Cook: 5 min • Ready in: 6 min

Slice the dry loaf and sprinkle the slices with a generous spritz of water. Toast slices in toaster until golden brown, this will take a couple of rounds but the toast will taste as fresh and delicious as the day it was baked. Repeat this method every time you need toast and you will never toss another loaf of Roan Mills bread into the trash.

If you expect to use all of the dry loaf at once, quickly pass the loaf under cold running water, wrap it in a clean kitchen towel and let it rest for a few hours or overnight. Slice the softened loaf and toast the slices under a hot broiler, watching very carefully and turning them once to toast the other side. This is fast and easy but requires focus because broiled toast will burn, set off smoke alarms and annoy everyone if left unattended for even a minute.

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